Vacation Reading

Amazon recently released a brand new Kindle commercial highlighting the problem with reading on the iPad in direct sunlight. I was on the beach recently with my iPad, and I have to say, that even under and umbrella, it was tough going. Also with all of the sand around and my neurotic personality, it was tough going trying to keep my iPad still bright and new. Honestly, it was the first and last time that I will have my iPad with me at the beach.

Is the new Kindle commercial right? Definitely. The Kindle is superior when on vacation.

But here’s my problem. Since I bought my iPad back in early April, on the beach was the FIRST time that I missed my Kindle. And beach season is now over. That’s a big problem.

Which brings the question, how many people are willing to pay $139 for a beach read? Sure, lots of people pay lots more for trivial things, like sun glasses. But I’m still not sold…

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  1. N H Senzai says:

    Enjoy your blog — as a children’s author we are seeing the interesect between publishing and new digital technologies everyday!

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