Where Are Tablet Computers Taking Us?

The Huffington Post had a great segment highlighting more than a dozen upcoming tablet computers aside from the iPad. And there are many more on the way. But where are we going with these devices? How many will we have in our homes in the future? At work?

Chris Meadows on TeleRead published a brief article on Tablets driving out laptops. He concludes, simply:

If a tablet can do everything a laptop could well enough that we don’t need laptops anymore, then the tablet will be “the new laptop” and the companies that make laptops now will shift over to making tablets.

Meadows is on the right track, but here is where computing and the device world get complicated. Already I take notes at meetings, read, watch movies and tv all from my iPad. But I won’t be able to get real work done until I can link ALL the files from my computer with my iPad. I need my iPad hooked up to a faster processor with much more memory and the ability to run multiple windows and high power programs — and a mouse.

Quite frankly we’re still aways away from this. The future is closer, but just not here yet.

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