But really, Moby Dick?

I talk regularly with folks in the publishing business about enhanced books and the role that Apple plays in the distribution of content. Apple has been one of the biggest innovators in the business, but — for better or worse — they have clamped down on provocative content. Simply put Apple is prohibiting or censoring a LOT of content.

Back in May Vallywag.com published Ryan Tate’s email exchange with Steve Jobs where Jobs famously talked about a world where there was “freedom from Porn.” A lofty goal. But if anyone has the power to actually try and do this — with full controls over the distribution system — Jobs has got it the best shot.

However, there are times when Apple’s system and rule of censorship has gone too far. Today, the Huffington Post gave a great overview of some of the most ridiculous. The worst of which was blocking out Moby Dick as an ” albino s***m whale.” Yes, that’s a “sperm whale” folks.

In 1964, Supreme Justice Potter Stewart tried to explain “hard-core” pornography, or what is obscene, by saying, “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . [b]ut I know it when I see it . . . “

Not seeing it in Moby Dick…

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