Apple’s New Rules for Reading Apps

I write this post as a Apple customer. I own a Macbook Air, an iPhone, an iPad, two apple TVs and many, many Apple accessories. And I am furious. As it was widely reported today, in the Wall Street Journal for just one example, eBook retailers Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble have stopped selling eBooks through Apple iPhone and iPad apps. I read and buy new books on my Kindle application all the time, and I can not shop from the app any longer.

While I work for Kindle, and will admit that I am biased, I was a Kindle user far before the iPad was a twinkle in Steve Job’s eye.

This move by Apple does nothing to help Apple, and everything to hurt its competitors. But more than that, it hurts readers. Let me say this again, it hurts readers. I will never use iBooks just because I can buy books from my iPad. Hopefully this is not the case, but this move may cause most eBook readers (who are NOT iBooks readers) to buy fewer books. And in that it means that book readers may read less.

I’m really disappointed in Apple.

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