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Perhaps the Internet Didn’t Kill Books

An interesting post by Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic. As he aptly points out, “In 1957, not even a quarter of Americans were reading a book or novel. By 2005, that number had shot up to 47 … Continue reading

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Ebooks Explosion: A Visual

by borisbenko. Browse more data visualizations.

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Changing Reality – Living in the Future

Today TechCrunch posted an article on an amazing new technology called “Diminished Reality” which can instantly removes selected objects from video recordings. Without question, more and more every day I get the feeling that I am living in the future. … Continue reading

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Retire from Twitter?

This video is fun, entertaining and inspiring — but lately I’ve found Twitter to be the exact opposite. Too timing consuming. I can’t possibly follow all of my Twitter friends who post regularly. Information overload. I used to use Twitter … Continue reading

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Where Are Tablet Computers Taking Us?

The Huffington Post had a great segment highlighting more than a dozen upcoming tablet computers aside from the iPad. And there are many more on the way. But where are we going with these devices? How many will we have … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Ads in Books

The Wall Street Journal today profiled the implications of ads in books. Even though periodicals like the New Yorker and the Atlantic have printed ads alongside serious fiction and nonfiction since their founding, purists will surely decry ads in books. … Continue reading

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But really, Moby Dick?

I talk regularly with folks in the publishing business about enhanced books and the role that Apple plays in the distribution of content. Apple has been one of the biggest innovators in the business, but — for better or worse … Continue reading

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What Tablets Really Mean for Publishing

The story of the iPad’s first mover advantage in the tablet computer market is now old news. Way back on April 11, 2010 — a mere week after the release of the device — the New York Times profiled all … Continue reading

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What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

David Brooks, in his column The Medium Is the Medium takes a hard look at the writing of Nicholas Carr. Carr, in his book The Shadows, argues that the Internet is leading to a short-attention-span culture. The internet is fundamentally … Continue reading

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