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Kickstarter Publishing Stats – Still an Improvement

There was a lot of talk online after Kickstarter released that Less Than 32% of Kickstarter Publishing Projects Get Funded. In reality, it seems to me that an author might have far better chances at 32% going to Kickstarter as … Continue reading

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Perhaps the Internet Didn’t Kill Books

An interesting post by Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic. As he aptly points out, “In 1957, not even a quarter of Americans were reading a book or novel. By 2005, that number had shot up to 47 … Continue reading

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How is the entire movie available for free on YouTube? But better yet, a fun history of fonts that is not an hour and a half long. Or if you do have time watch the movie and read Just My … Continue reading

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Ebooks Explosion: A Visual

by borisbenko. Browse more data visualizations.

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Bookmaking the Old Fashioned Way

This video is mind blowing knowing how eBooks are made today…

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The “Post-Empire” Era of Publishing

BRET EASTON ELLIS “I had to like fight my publisher to, you know, make sure that they were using these networks in order to, like, promote the book and they came around. I mean literally, they… I don’t think my … Continue reading

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Wins and Losses for Amazon eBook Strategy

Today was an interesting day for Amazon’s eBook strategy. On the positive side, new Kindle’s are selling at record rates. As they put it, more “next generation Kindles were ordered in the first four weeks of availability than in the … Continue reading

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Seth Godin Quits Traditional Publishing

When a twelve-time New York Bestselling author quits traditional publishing it’s big news. And Seth Godin has just announced that he is out. “I’ve decided not to publish any more books in the traditional way. 12 for 12 and I’m … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Ads in Books

The Wall Street Journal today profiled the implications of ads in books. Even though periodicals like the New Yorker and the Atlantic have printed ads alongside serious fiction and nonfiction since their founding, purists will surely decry ads in books. … Continue reading

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What Tablets Really Mean for Publishing

The story of the iPad’s first mover advantage in the tablet computer market is now old news. Way back on April 11, 2010 — a mere week after the release of the device — the New York Times profiled all … Continue reading

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