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Project Domino Project Update

A few days ago Seth Godin posted an update on Project Domino. In just seven months since the project was announced the small team has “published four books. We now have more than 250,000 copies in circulation across the four … Continue reading

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Tired Plots

I am exhausted by old plots. From the New York Times Book Review today: “Childhood friends in their mid-thirties find themselves at the crossroads of live and love. A vacation on the shore of North Carolina’s Outer Banks seems to … Continue reading

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Random House Builds Digital Capabilities: Acquires Smashing Ideas

As reported by eBookNewser, and others, this week Random House acquired digital media development firm Smashing Ideas. Looking around the rest of the publishing industry, most of the other big six are connected to larger digital entities in some way. … Continue reading

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Vertical Integration in Publishing – Pushing Both Ways

Two major announcements this week indicated vertical integration pushes in publishing. Amazon has much more seriously gone into the publishing business and launched its fourth imprint, Montlake Romance. From Jeff Belle: “Romance is one of our biggest and fastest growing … Continue reading

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“There is no sin except stupidity.” – Oscar Wilde

Pure genius.

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Disintermediation in Publishing

Late last week Crain’s New York reported on Amazon’s further entrance into the publishing space with a bid for Amanda Hocking’s new novel. “To beef up its offer, Amazon brought in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which would have published the print … Continue reading

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Bookmaking the Old Fashioned Way

This video is mind blowing knowing how eBooks are made today…

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Autography Lets Authors Sign eBooks Digitally

Continued innovation in publishing. Digital continues to mimic capabilities in the physical world.

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Digital Dominos

Yup, they are coming tumbling down. But books are not going away. Libraries will forever be a staple of the community. They are just going to be a little bit different.

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Favorite Video of the Week – March 1, 2011

And what else could it be? The Banned iPad2 Video Promo. Am I going to get one? No. Not a big enough of an upgrade for me. I already have an iPad and an iPad1. iPad2 is very cool, but … Continue reading

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